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"You can't take your eyes off Ruthie Baker. She's the coy, flirty, hip-wiggling, nylon-flashing magnetic center of the Great American History Theatre's new holiday romp Christmas of Swing.  ...Baker plays 'Patty', youngest of the three Andrews Sisters.... Baker is pretty and blessed with a terrific alto voice and plenty of alluring boogie in her very gifted woogie. But her magnetism comes from an essential joy deep inside her performer's soul. She lets it shine like the star of Bethlehem in this Christmas show."

-  Jaime Meyer,  Minneapolis Star Tribune


"Fortuantly for Wausau Theatre's production of Evita... they found a lead actress who could sing her ass off. Ruthie Baker carried the lead role with aplomb and fantastic acting." 

- Tammy Stezenski, Wausau Arts & Entertainment City Pages


"...full of Andrews Sisters songs and an electric performance by Ruthie Baker as Patty, the youngest sister... This show is built for a performer eager to set the stage on fire. Baker takes up the challenge with irresistible charisma. Her mouth has more pearly whites than a Steinway grand; her eyes flirt, dance, laugh and cry; and her brassy voice rings with clarity."

-  Graydon Royce, Minneapolis Star Tribune


"Both Long and Nieman set up Patty Andrews, the youngest and liveliest sister, played by Ruthie Baker, who packs her character with energy and fun. Baker is scene-stealingly engaging as Patty; she radiates playfulness and youth and, like Nieman and Long, she's sure got the pipes for her role."

- Elizabeth Weir, Talkin'


"Baker steals the show over and over with her powerful vocals, comedic timing and high energy level.  She gets the laughs and the audience’s love."

- Marilyn Bauer, Indian River Press Journal


"In Riverside’s production, Ruthie Baker is a knockout as Patty, the blonde, youngest sister and focal point of the three.  Patty headed up the group with unshakable confidence and energy and Baker has all that in spades.  Her smile could light up a Broadway marquee."

- By L.L. Angell, Vero Beach 32963 Paper

Other cast members playing the multiple roles include Gary Briggle, Adam Qualls, and Ruthie Baker. All three play their roles with a seamless flow without missing a beat. Baker is especially humorous when she plays the jury foreperson that has a celebrity crush on Marjorie.

- By Bev Wolf, Twin Cities Arts Reader

Ruthie Baker brings a bit of humor in the role of "old lady on the bus," and a bit of sass singing "anyone would do." 

- Cherry and Spoon

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